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Ep. 81: “Respiratory Immunology” Featuring Dr. Priya Devarajan


Dr. Priya Devarajan is an Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University. Her work focuses on immune memory and respiratory immunology. She talks about how aging affects the immune system and strategies to promote immune responses in the nose and lungs. She also discusses improving influenza vaccine responses and her experience interviewing for faculty positions.

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The Immunology Science Round Up

γδ T Cells Across the Life Span – Antigenic exposures over childhood drive the functional evolution and tissue compartmentalization of γδ T cells.

Glucose Restriction and Viral Response – Glucose restriction is a physiological mechanism to bring the body into a heightened state of responsiveness to viral pathogens.

A Gene Desert Implicated in Autoimmunity – Researchers used functional genomics to identify a central regulator of human inflammatory macrophages.

Stripy T Cells – Some T cells within a population have nuclear envelope invaginations that concentrate cellular organelles.

Image courtesy of Dr. Priya Devarajan

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