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Ep. 22: “Maternal Immune Cells” Featuring Dr. Francesco Colucci

By February 1, 2022January 9th, 2023No Comments

Francesco Colucci


Dr. Francesco Colucci is a Wellcome Investigator and Professor of Immunology at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on natural killer (NK) and other innate lymphoid cells, as well as immunogenetics. He talks about uterine NK cells and their education, and falling in love with research as a physician.

Featured Products and Resources:

The Immunology Science Round Up

A Link between Epstein-Barr Virus and Multiple Sclerosis – Researchers used data from millions of US military recruits to determine that Epstein-Barr infection increased the risk of multiple sclerosis.

Nano-Sponges to Treat Inflammation – Nanodecoys coated with a macrophage membrane scavenged pro-inflammatory cytokines in autoimmune disease models.

How Epstein-Barr Infection Triggers Multiple Sclerosis – Scientists showed that molecular mimicry between an Epstein-Barr virus protein and a neuronal molecule in Multiple sclerosis patients contributes to neuroinflammation.

The Immunoregulatory Landscape of Tuberculosis – Researchers identified how cellular composition and immunoregulatory pathways in tuberculosis granulomas relate to peripheral immune responses.

Image courtesy of Dr. Francesco Colucci

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